It was a gift to a friend and it has really helped them get in touch with their emotions. amazing gift idea

When I first saw I loved the idea but I got discouraged by the price. But then when I compared it to other ‘standard’ wall calendars, it was even cheaper than some. After all the hesitations, I bought it and, while yes it could be cheaper, but didn’t regret my decision yet.

I gave this as a gift to my parents for their wedding anniversary. To be honest, I just loved the idea of this calendar as a gift but I didn’t expect them to actually use it. I was surprised though when I came to visit them for the Thanksgiving and they didn’t miss a day! …

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We gave this calendar to all our employees last holiday season as a way to express our care for their mental health. Everyone appreciated it!

I’m still a work in progress but it definitely makes me look forward to when I get to glue in my next sticker!

It is awesome! Get it! Work with it!!

This is the perfect product for anyone who wishes to take some time everyday, or every week, to think about themselves and really assess their mental health, emotional status, etc.. Being pretty busy myself, I needed a tool to help me make time for this. If you’re like me – I highly recommend it.

Got this recommended by my coach. Loving it so far – great source of reflections and discussions.

It has focussed my thinking about feelings, what is important in my life and appreciating the small things

I wasn’t sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised. After 9 months in, I realized one day that I not only felt better, felt calmer and lighter in my mood, but also looked forward to every new day.