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We gave this calendar to all our employees last holiday season as a way to express our care for their mental health. Everyone appreciated it!


The last twelve months have been really difficult for me (and i am not the only one), because I lost a much loved member of the family to covid, lost my job, and ended up in hospital for a lengthy period twice. This calendar was a light in the end of every day that was getting me through it. I am still struggling, but with more hope than before.


I started this journey of self improvement and care a while back and this calendar was a great addition to the tools I already use.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised. After 9 months in, I realized one day that I not only felt better, felt calmer and lighter in my mood, but also looked forward to every new day.


I bought this for my daughter because her default setting is “grumpy” in the mornings. She is a sweet, kind, big hearted girl but just not in the morning. This calendar made her aware of the emotions she experiences and how it impacts her day!


I got this as I gift to myself on Christmas, as my 2020 was not so great to say the least. So I took the mission of focusing on happiness so seriously, that I ran out of yellow stickers hahahaa I guess it is an effect of this calendar? Anw, I reached out to the team and they helped me sort it out. Thanks!


This was recommended by a friend – I’ve found this tool extremely useful and would highly recommend to others.


We are filling one calendar as a couple and it helped us to initiate conversations we usually would bottle up. Sometimes it was difficult to agree on which color of a day it was, when both of us had totally opposite things going on at work. But it made us be there for each other and listen more.

Aline & Peter

I’ve used the Calendar of Happiness last year myself and you can imagine that my kids wanted to get theirs as well. Since the junior version came out I knew I am set for the Christmas gift.


I mean, considering how boring any other calendar is out there – this is one easily beats them all! Not to say it is perfect, but it does what it say.


I always took my mental health for granted until this pandemic. Getting a Calendar Of Happiness allowed me to build time for myself and allowed me to understand myself more.


When I first saw I loved the idea but I got discouraged by the price. But then when I compared it to other ‘standard’ wall calendars, it was even cheaper than some. After all the hesitations, I bought it and, while yes it could be cheaper, but didn’t regret my decision yet.


It helped me already and i haven’t finish it yet!


I consider myself a happy person – I’d say it’s part of who I am. So I am loving to see how I can ‘paint’ with my happiness through this calendar! Makes me feel even more grateful for the ‘colorful’ life I am living!


Using this calendar has helped me clear my head and make sense of what impacts my well-being (positive and negatively!). I am half way through my first year with Calendar of happiness and I am hooked…


I find it weird how the Calendar of happiness has helped reposition & maybe help me reprioritise things in my life. I definitely didn’t expect that when I got it!


My 8yo daughter has been using her junior calendar for a couple of weeks now and fills it in all the time! I love that I can help to give her tools to thrive and she loves that she has a version of mummy’s calendar


As a life coach, I encourage all my clients to take up the “good habit” through the Calendar of Happiness to assist them on there journey moving forward in there lives. Thank you!


Although I’ve done similar before, this is a good way to get into the habit of self-awareness


It’s helped me understand what makes me happy and also regulate my mood


Calendar of Happiness has an amazing design, both in terms of the aesthetics of the physical object, and, more importantly, in terms of the idea behind it. I am still impressed by how many well-being theories it relies on for making the impact!


I wouldn’t say it is a silver bullet that will absolutely change your life, no (thanks to the creators for not putting up such promises!) But it does help to raise awareness in a very easy way. I can imagine this would be particularly useful for people who are new to self-development.


I just love love love looooove how it looks on my wall!! Also when people come over – everyone keeps asking about it! Great conversation starter!


I am not the person who likes to be told what to do. So I appreciated that instructions for the Calendar of Happiness helped me choosing between what the science of well-being suggests and what how I feel like for maximum impact.


For me as a designer, aesthetics matter a lot. This calendar is like a personal art project that I create every day based on how I feel. And no matter which color I pick for the day – it looks gorgeous on my wall!


I started with the Calendar of Happiness around March 2020 because of the lockdown. It helped me to push through with all the working from home and managing kids at the same time. In a way, it turned into our cute family activity!


My 7 year old twins both love their calendars. Both them very much look forward every day to fill them in and I couldn’t be happier.


In an extremely busy and stressful society, I believe it is important for anyone to stop and check in with themselves. The calendar of happiness is perfect exactly for that!


My 9-year old son was experiencing some emotional struggles during the pandemic stay-at-homes. I feel like using this calendar with him has helped us to talk more about the emotions we experience. He feels much better now.


I ordered 10 of these as gifts for Christmas last year – everyone loved it! What a universal gift both for colleagues and family members!


I’m the typical person that would just bottle things up or forget things, then get annoyed at myself. I tried journaling several times, but it never worked out for me. Just too hard. This calendar seemed so much easier to make myself reflect. It definitely gets me thinking of how I really feel in the moment or what made me happy on a given day.


This calendar created the ME time in the day, something I struggled a lot with. It was great to acknowledge what’s going on in my day – perfect for grounding and spending some time in the now.


I bought two calendars – for my self and my 7 year old as a daily activity to do together. He enjoys it so much and he reminds me to fill mine as well. I love it, and would recommend it to others


It is awesome! Get it! Work with it!!


I’m still a work in progress but it definitely makes me look forward to when I get to glue in my next sticker!


You know the modern kids right?! No chance to keep their attention at anything but the screen. Well guess what my 8 year old has been filling in this calendar for 9 months straights – not a day missed (which couldn’t be said about her mom and her calendar!)


Got this recommended by my coach. Loving it so far – great source of reflections and discussions.


Received as a gift from a Secret Santa and immediately ordered copies for every family member! Totally awesome!


I am one of those people who need to have things that are different from others. The last thing I was is another thing with the label and the feeling of ‘Made in China’ (no offense to anyone!). So the unique design and premiums quality to it – it was perfect for me!


For how simple the idea of it is, I was surprised about the insights I was able to uncover about my well-being just after a few weeks of using this calendar.


It has focussed my thinking about feelings, what is important in my life and appreciating the small things


I was never able to stick to writing a reflective journal, but this Calendar of Happiness made it very easy to introduce self-reflection into my daily routine.


My 11 year old daughter is loving it and writes in it everyday without reminders. It is such a wonderful tool to teach young children that there is always something to be happy for. Thank you for helping raise grateful and loving humans.


This calendar is 100% suitable and relevant. It makes a fantastic gift. I love the colour choice and layout. It is effective but not over complicated.


To say that the last 12 months has been a rough rollercoaster for me would be an understatement. Luckily I am on the ascent out of a dark place now and getting stronger each day. I have changed my daily routine completely, which now includes mediation, yoga and counselling. I can’t say this calendar was the key to my improvement, but it definitely did its part. It was recommended by my counsellor and on my part I recommend it those who are going through rough times or if you simply want to improve your mental health and wellbeing.


I love the beautiful and unique pattern that is created every day and, even if I miss a few days, I don’t feel bad about it – it still looks good and makes me realise that’s just part of the bigger picture of life


It gave me a bigger perspective on what matters during the difficult times I am going through.


It was a gift to a friend and it has really helped them get in touch with their emotions. amazing gift idea


Using this happy calendar quickly became something I looked forward to every single day.


It is such a gorgeously looking calendar – the colors are so inviting. Really makes it easy for kids to learn about their emotions even at a young age!


First of all the material and the physical feel of the calendar is awesome. No questions about it. The concept is great as well – super easy to use. I just wish the shipping was a bit faster, but then again everything takes longer these days because of this pandemic


Emotions have never been an easy topic for me. But putting them down in a calendar helped me validated them for me and I’m able to navigate through them much better.


This is the perfect product for anyone who wishes to take some time everyday, or every week, to think about themselves and really assess their mental health, emotional status, etc.. Being pretty busy myself, I needed a tool to help me make time for this. If you’re like me – I highly recommend it.


The calendar of happiness is helping me get in contact with what I am feeling on a daily basis. I am loving it!


so incredible to see this wonderful young lady (i.e. my daughter) reflecting on her day, what she enjoyed, and what she’s looking forward to it. it is a beautiful thing.


Gets me into the habit of doing something I believe every person should do. Makes it easier to do something that is essential for mental health and growth. I know some do it in the evening, but I loved starting my day with filling the calendar. I feel then I am much more clear in my reflection of the last day.


It allows me to express myself, to visualise my days and be grateful for what I have !


I am generally a happy dude but thanks to the happy calendar i know what drives this feeling in me, good stuff!


Bought them for my nieces – 6 and 8. They loved it. Great format, simple to use. Gets them thinking about their lives and and everyone around them. So great!


I struggled with internalising my emotions so so much; this calendar has given me the perfect unsophisticated way to express my emotions & help me to focus on the things I need to do to improve my mental health & wellbeing


The calendar really helps me keep accountable and recognise how I feel. It’s also amazing at helping me reflect on my day


I gave this as a gift to my parents for their wedding anniversary. To be honest, I just loved the idea of this calendar as a gift but I didn’t expect them to actually use it. I was surprised though when I came to visit them for the Thanksgiving and they didn’t miss a day! I am happy to see it was not only a beautiful but also meaningful gift!



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